How to Choose a TV Set?

chosing a TV

Is a 4K Television Worth It?

The latest Flint Audio televisions have incredible 4K pictures. It is more than twice the resolution of a 1080p screen. Of course, that’s not even the highest resolution available. There are 8k Ultra HD televisions available now as well. These are double the resolution of the 4K televisions. At Flint Audio Video, we sell the latest Sony 4K televisions at great prices. We know that Sony has all of the smart features, connectivity, and brilliant displays that you want in the ultimate home theater. With a large screen of up to 90 inches, you can find all of the screen sizes available.

LED LCD Quality

home tv setIn addition to the higher resolution display, you also want a TV that has a large number of pixels. LED and OLED televisions are the highest quality currently. However, OLED is known for its better picture. The amount of pixels also matters for colors and crispness. If you have a high quality of pixels, then you’ll be able to see crystal clear pictures from any angle at any time of day.


In addition to setting up the perfect home theater, you should make sure that your television can support the best colors and clarity as well. The right TV will have brilliant colors due to HDR. With 4k and HDR, your home theater will be able to show the smallest details in your movies and live sport events, as well as any games you might choose to play.

Recliners or Regular Seats?

Recliners are more comfortable for a home theater. You get to lean back, relax, and adjust your footrest so that you are able to get the most comfortable experience at home. This really only matters for 3D moving experiences, but you may want chairs that are comfortable sitting straight as well as reclining. In addition, manual recliners are harder to stay comfortable in for longer movie-watching experiences. You may want to opt for power recline chairs.

Smart Apps

The latest home theater televisions have a lot of built-in technology, such as search engine browsing, Netflix, HBO, PlayStation, and so much more. Sony televisions have the most fluid app dashboard, allowing you to pick from TV streaming services, gaming services, or other entertainment such as Pandora and YouTube. While some of these apps will change over time, Sony has a great record of supporting the latest apps and features.

Flint Audio Video Middletown RIStart Shopping for Your Home Theater at a Local Audio Video Place
Flint Audio Video in Middletown RI is one of the best places to get your home theater set up. You can find the best TV and audio to get a simple home theater that won’t blow out your budget. The only thing you’ll need to do is move in the recliners and couches that will suit your viewing pleasure and comfort. You can even hire our team for expert home theater services.