What’s the Perfect Home Theater Setup? Here’s Tips for 2019

tv theatre homeAny room in your home can become a home theater actually. It’s not that hard to set up a television when you call Flint Audio Video. However, if you want to rival that movie-watching experience or go a step further, then you want to get a domestic space that will reflect everything you want in a theater. There are some televisions that you’ll like better for your home theater, as well as how to set up other media and sound so that you have the best surround sound.

What’s Your Visual Sweet Spot?

It’s been scientifically studied what the perfect viewing distance is to watch TVs, especially those with new high definition OLED pixels. However, it all comes down to math. You can measure the display’s diagonal size and multiple by 1.5 up to 2.5. This how far your couch, chairs, or other seating arrangements should be from your television set. This will provide for optimum viewing pleasure.

Sound for Smaller Rooms

home theatre flint audio videoMost of today’s TVs have pretty good sound naturally, but nothing will give you that cinematic, theatrical sound like surround sound speakers. However, whether it’s your budget or size that prevents you from state-of-the-art sound, you can get great high-quality audio from a sound bar. With rooms of smaller sizes, you should look at packs with multiple speakers because they provide a single, low-profile, compact horizontal package. There are also stylish sleek models that fit right along your media console under the screen.

Bass Upgrade

Another good tip for those who want better sound is to clear up space for wall-shaking bass. You can choose a subwoofer that can provide intense sound while also actually vibrating sound across the room. You don’t want to stick these subwoofers in a cabinet. They should be placed on the floor. There should be enough space in a corner to help spread the sound to the front of the subwoofer.